When will Catholics get the message? Never.

King Hussein (Barack Hussein Obama) had the support of Catholics in the 2008 election. Not that all of us supported him, of course, but apparently a majority of voting Catholics are ridiculously liberal in contrast with their supposed faith or simply don’t pay attention when voting. I can understand there being something of a struggle when voting for president, given the fact that neither party had a good choice for its nominee. That said, it is amazing that so many of the faithful would vote for the man who affirmatively argued against protecting the babies who were born alive following an attempted abortion (Yes, it is true, drones: http://www.jillstanek.com/archives/2008/02/links_to_barack.html). This could be largely due to King Hussein’s support from the very largest of SuperPAC’s: the press.

I have no confidence that most of those who voted for the would-be dictator last time would vote for the less evil alternative this time, but it does make for good headlines to pretend. You see, now Catholics, at least those who decided to align with the aspiring despot, are said to be upset with the logical and obvious outcome of their decision!

The preceding was written before our benevolent dictator’s grand “compromise” on the issue.

Now that the most thoughtful person to ever enter the White House has decreed that people of faith should not oppose his benevolence, all is well in the world. The former part-time lecturer on the subject of Constitutional Law has clarified that contraceptives, including pills to induce abortion, shall henceforth be free!


A Catholic school, a Christian Charity, or other entity which may have moral issues with providing contraceptives need not be offended. If they are free, then the objecting entity is not providing them, just facilitating the provision through the required insurance policy. In short, as any thoughtful person already knew prior to the 2008 election, these leftist vermin think faith = stupidity!

It is unfortunate that so many people of faith reinforce the low opinion held by the statists of King Hussein’s ilk by supporting the politicians and policies that directly conflict with freedom and morality. Oh, I know that “morality” is taboo in modern society, but would like to think that some still value the rustic notion. It may be chic to proclaim that morality and freedom oppose one another, but that is just the foolish product of years and decades of carefully sculpted dependent-oriented education.

Use of the word, “morality” solicits frothing from leftists and libertarians, who either think or pretend that those who value morality all seek to strictly impose it on the rest of society. That may even be the case with some. Let’s not pretend, however, that it is the case with all. The effort to dumb-down and remove morality from our society is indeed working well. It has been so successful that it is common to oppose the freedom to maintain individual standards of morality. This is the problem, as I see it, with Catholics supporting a vile politician like King Hussein!

Obama and his cohorts are making it increasingly difficult… perhaps even illegal, for individuals to remain true to their own moral standards! Yet, this will be spun as either combating the opposite (the imposition of individual morality on the collective population) or simply ensuring access to “women’s health.” Women should have the right to health. If it is a right, it should be provided at no charge, correct? Pretend you are incredibly stupid and can believe that  anything is “free.”

Should Catholics be concerned about women’s health? What kind of faith compels us to be so insensitive that we directly oppose the health of women? Stupid questions? Absolutely, but let us not forget that stupidity is rampant in our society. So rampant, in fact, that Barack Obama was able to be sold by the media to a majority of voters in 2008. Have we learned? Have we matured?

I suggest that we have declined further… by design. Perhaps my fellow Catholics will once again see the two word phrase “social justice” and swoon over the man who utters it. Given the growing dependence on the effort of others and the inattentive need of some people of faith to be seen as “caring,” I suggest that any opposition to King Hussein’s mandate will be fleeting. At the very least, it won’t prevent those Catholic Obama supporters from voting against their consciences one more time.

One Response to When will Catholics get the message? Never.

  1. Brandy Clinton says:

    Though a lot of catholic’s supported him, it doesn’t mean though that most of the politicians supported by them has failed to deliver their promises.

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