Catholics For Choice: Disgracefully Dishonest or Impertinent Imbeciles?

Catholics For Choice” is a positive-sounding name for an organization. Or, it would be if the word, “choice” had not been perverted by the left to the point where it is often a kinder/gentler synonym for “abortion.” So, the name doesn’t sound very positive once their meaning of the word “choice” is realized… assuming the audience is indeed a Catholic. (No, I do not fancy myself to be the arbiter of what is or is not a Catholic. I do, however, find it hard to imagine that one can practice a faith opposed to Catholicism and consider oneself to be Catholic.)

Given the Obama Administration’s most recent and extremely vicious assault on faith and individual morality, I wondered how the topic organization would be dealing with the matter. A cursory glance at the website of “Catholics For Choice” leaves no doubt that they are armed for this battle. It also leaves no doubt which colors they are wearing. I am not sure disappointment is the correct word to describe what one finds there, as any thinking person knows the premise upon which the group named itself. A Catholic visitor might be disappointed, but should not be surprised at what he reads.

Are the members of “Catholics For Choice” for “choice?” The answer to that question goes a long way toward answering the question posed in the title of this piece.

Is “choice” a one-sided proposition? It must be if “Catholics For Choice” are for it. It is made clear by their press releases and call to action that they affirmatively oppose true “choice!” One might determine that these “Catholics” believe in an eighth sacrament, the sacrament most cherished in the church liberalism, abortion. It would appear that the support of abortion and other tenets of modern liberalism outweigh any anachronistic notions of faith, morality, and Catholicism to these “Catholics for Choice.” You see, this group clearly opposes the right of any individual or faith-based organization to “choose” not to cover contraceptives, including the abortion pill. Catholics for “choice” indeed, as long as the “choice” is abortion.

Of course, this organization that claims to be Catholic respects the “choice” that some make to not have abortions. I would suggest that many of its members have likely had children carried to term. Some may even be grateful that their own parents decided to continue their lives and brought them into this world. The “choice” they vehemently oppose is the “choice” to not provide birth control for another. This organization for “choice” fully supports the federal government forcing Catholic organizations to act against their faith!

Here is an excerpt from the most recent press release in which the organization indicates it is either opposed to choice (disgracefully dishonest as the name claims that they are for it) or are ignorant of the mandate’s  implications (impertinent imbeciles):

Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, said: “We are glad to see that the administration did not choose to cave completely to the bishops. But the reality is that this compromise relies on insurance companies doing the right thing, and gives victory #1 to the bishops on their ‘religious liberty’ shopping list.

“Previous compromises of this nature, such as that in Hawaii, may have made some conservatives happy, but they have also meant that some women have not been able to access coverage in a timely and easy manner. That is unacceptable.

“It’s unfortunate that on this issue, as many others, far too many in the administration and Congress have sacrificed women’s health to get something they want more. Rejecting the FDA’s advice on Plan B, the continued implementation of the Hyde Amendment, attacks on funding for Title X, lack of abortion coverage in the Affordable Care Act—the list goes on and on. This administration has shown that it will not stand with women when it comes to supporting access to, and easing the availability of, reproductive healthcare services. Not only that, it means that those advocates and champions in Congress who fought hard over the past three weeks to support the administration’s proposal on birth control have been hung out to dry.

Not only does this organization firmly support the Obama Administration’s assault on institutions of faith and the broader war against individual morality, it does not think that the attacks have been frequent enough or of sufficient magnitude.

Which is it? I suggest that they are not stupid or ignorant tools of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other conspirators in the war against innocent life and morality. They are dishonest, st least if they are claiming to be for “choice.” There is also a good chance that they rely on the inattentiveness that has come to symbolize the modern citizen.

As a side note, Southern Illinois has its own group of Catholics who seem opposed to the Church. One look at the goals of “FOSIL – Faithful Of Southern Illinois” and one can clearly see the liberal agenda is alive and well… as a parasitic growth within the Southern Illinois Catholic Community.

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