Neo-proggies Plead the Tenth

Let me be clear (not intending to quote Dear Reader, Chairman Obama), just to answer the proggy troll assertion before it is spewed. This is not an attack on or an argument against federalism or the tenth amendment. I know the playbook calls for the troll to feign indignation and lob accusations of selectively supporting state’s rights and being a hypocrite in regard to the Constitution. Call an audible. The complaints against tyrannical moves on the state level are not calls for federal government intervention. One does not have to approve of the actions of proggies and neo-proggies in their various states simply because they are exercising “state’s rights.”

Is it a contradiction to support state rights and not support politicians who have executed acts of government intrusion in their respective states? Absolutely not, and one would have to be somewhat warped to make that determination. Further, it is ridiculous that a certain establishment choice for the presidential nomination would expect liberty-minded citizens to celebrate his statist exercise as a “state’s rights” triumph. Of course, as seems to be the case with most of the candidates supported by the party elite, contortions unrivaled by any human pretzel must be executed to even present the illusion of a limited government conservative.

Are the supporters of McCain 2.0 hopping mad at this point? Will I be asked to at least stop actively campaigning for Obama? (That is quite a leap the party hacks make, no?) Relax hacks, this isn’t just about Mittens and the fact that he is the daddy of Obamacare. This is not just about the Republican Party’s John “Heinz” Kerry who was before Obamacare before he was against it. (Maybe there is something in the water in Massachusetts. Perhaps the late Sea Lion of the Senate contaminated the state’s water supply during his infamous Chappaquiddick swim.)

Another favorite Republican and erstwhile presidential hopeful is making news by promising to squash a little liberty in his state. Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana, apparently believes that his state would be better served if it emulated its western neighbor. Yes, those who clamored for Mitch Daniels to be the standard bearer of the GOP should be proud of such a governor… assuming, that is, that the goal of a governor is to be a PC statist!

“Blasphemy! Why Governor Daniels is a conservative, a maverick!” Is that so? Well, his supporters can claim the same sort of tenth amendment triumph that those who support ORomneycare claim. What is Daniels doing to chip away at liberty and private property rights in Indiana? Reuters has the story:

(Reuters) – The Indiana Assembly has passed a statewide smoking ban that prohibits lighting up in most public spaces and workplaces but exempts bars and casinos, and the measure now heads to Governor Mitch Daniels’ desk for signature.

The state Senate passed the compromise bill on Friday by a vote of 28-22. The House of Representatives approved the bill on Thursday 60-33.

Daniels, who made a smoking bill part of his legislative agenda, was expected to sign the legislation. The measure would go into effect July 1. At least half of all U.S. states have already banned smoking in workplaces, restaurants and bars, and more states have placed lesser restrictions on smoking, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

“Smoking is a filthy habit and people have a right to clean air!” Isn’t that the rationalization for such a trampling on the rights of owners of property? Or, are we supposed to view this as a dual victory: health and state’s rights?

Mitch Daniels diminishes his credibility as a supporter of property rights, free market principles, and the rustic notion of liberty. It would appear that he is a typical Republican politician and this should serve as an indication of the reason some see little difference between the two parties who rule (not simply govern) over our lives. “Conservative” Republicans believe in private property… except when they don’t. They believe in the free market… except when they know what is best for their subjects. They cherish liberty… except when they have their own agendas.

State’s rights are important, but like many other facets of political positioning, can obviously be perverted by crafty charlatans.

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