Where are Sharpton and Jackson on the Rooney “Token” Rule in the NFL?

Are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson going to let a high profile opportunity for Race-Bait Incorporated pass? Perhaps they believe that President Obama benefits more from racial division cultivated by exploiting the death of Trayvon Martin than he would from an issue with the NFL. I do think creative race-hustlers could combine the fabricated outrage from the Martin case with NFL team hoodies to sort of cross-promote.

Could there be a spike in the sales of Saints hoodies on the horizon? If CBSSports.com resident race-baiter, Mike Freeman, and former Jets and Chiefs coach, Herman Edwards can get enough people to go along, they might be needed for a protest. The biggest problem Freeman and Edwards might face in ginning up racial outrage for their cause is the contradictory nature of their demand.

Freeman has a column, “Should Saints hire Parcells, Rooney Rule will get mocked once again,” in which he and Edwards both pine for a token interview and conversely complain that it would appear to be exactly what it is!

The Rooney Rule was initiated by the NFL in 2003. It’s named after Steelers owner Dan Rooney and requires a team looking to fill a head coaching position to interview at least one minority candidate. The caveat is that the rule only applies if a team hires from outside the franchise, which is what the Saints would be doing with Parcells.

If Parcells is hired, it would turn the rule on its head. In essence, it would be a farce.

The Saints would be forced to interview a minority candidate to comply with the rule, with everyone knowing they had no intention of hiring that person. That’s the source of the outrage for many black assistants.

This possibility led to a classic rant from Herm Edwards, the former Jets coach turned analyst.

“It makes it a little bit of a scam now,” Edwards said. “That’s the shame of it all. Sean Payton opening his mouth like he did, he really reflects that this thing is going to become a sham if Bill Parcells takes this job. Because if you do decide to interview a minority, you’re going to go with Bill Parcells. You’ve already said, ‘This is our coach.’ That’s the shame of it all. It puts [Goodell] in another bind.”

The Rooney rule is being “mocked” and turned into a “scam” if The Saints do not grant a token interview for the temporary head coaching position. Further, if they do interview a minority, it will obviously be what the Rooney Rule dictates. The word, “duh” comes to mind. Liberal, Obama-supporting owner of the Steelers, Dan Rooney, proposed a touchy-feely rule ( instituted in 2003) which at best creates a sticky situation when NFL teams hire coaches. I wonder if there are black coaches who are offended by such a patronizing effort. The proposal and acceptance of the rule would appear to indicate a belief that minority coaching candidates don’t merit consideration so they must be given preferential treatment.

Common sense be damned, we cannot let the fact that the stupid rule dictates that a minority be interviewed (even when the organization knows who they prefer), lead people to view such interviews as “token” interviews. What would the politically correct elites on the coasts think if the reality was openly discussed? Leave it to liberals to create a program, policy, or rule to right a grave injustice (or create a campaign tool) which in itself creates turmoil by its very existence.

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