Dearest Democrats, Re: Campaign Finance

Dearest Democrats,

I am a former Republican who will be voting Republican in the 2012 Presidential Election only due to the magnitude of the damage which may be done at the hands of our first composite President if he gets a second term. (Not that I would ever consider voting for a modern Democrat, but would love to vote for a more honest, constitutionally correct alternative to one of the two primary sources of our nation’s woes.) I shudder to think what the product of no parents, communist indoctrination, and brainwashing at the hands of 60’s hippy terrorists like mentor Bill Ayers might do with the type of “flexibility” he promised Putin. Our nation is not what it was intended to be, but I’ll be damned if Barack Obama is satisfied with the level of statism and government intrusion that we already endure.

I don’t want to get too far off topic, so I will get to it. Your party seems to make a lot of noise regarding campaign finance. Oh, I know there are squishy, “moderate” McCain Republicans who can’t help but to think like Democrats on such matters, as well. Your advocacy for constricting the the supply of campaign cash and in-kind support for your opponents (a.k.a. those who are more likely to follow the Constitution) through federal law and regulation is somewhat disgusting and disingenuous. That is, unless you are open and honest about the fact that you seek to allow unfettered in-kind donations to your candidates while using the federal government to choke off the support of more liberty-minded candidates.

Unless, dear Democrat, you wish to be open regarding your “do as I say, not as I do”  hypocritical approach to campaign finance, I would request, as respectfully as you deserve, that you please shut the hell up about the subject!

I know the dumbest among you believe it is a true tragedy when a private group such as Citizen’s United makes a film about one of your statist idols. Oh, the horror! Of course, the un-reportable, unethical, and seemingly unlimited campaign contributions to the leftist Democrat enemies of society are accepted or excused without a blink of the eye.

You may be asking, “To what is this wing-nut referring?” You may want to believe that your Alinsky disciple candidates are winning on their messages and are adhering to the same restrictions as their opponents. Technically, many of them are adhering to the same restrictions. The problem is that the restrictions are designed to only adversely affect those who oppose the bloat  and iron-fisted rule of the big-government Democrat (or “moderate” progressive Republican if for some reason the Democrat is unpalatable). What kind of things are allowed to flood the realm of public opinion on behalf of the left? What sort of completely unacceptable in a sane society campaign contributions are not seen as such by a populace made numb and dumb by generations of leftist influence in education? Let us explore the sewer, shall we:

Planned Parenthood: Abortion profiteer, tax-eater, and Democrat benefactor-

How is it that an organization which profits from the killing of babies can receive $70 million in federal tax dollars plus something like $260 million in medicaid? Naturally, the claim is made that no taxpayer money is used for abortion and we citizens are supposed to be so affected by the state of education that we are not aware of opportunity costs. How do the progressive supporters of abortion for profit (code words: “Women’s Health”) defend Planned Parenthood receiving federal tax dollars and campaigning for candidates? I know they view it as acceptable since the nation’s largest abortion organization is supporting the most radically pro-abortion president in history, but that does not make it so.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund (@PPact on twitter) has a web-site, “” and an organization dedicated to campaigning for candidates who will protect their blood money. If any pro-abort Democrat had an ounce of intellectual honesty, he or she would admit the serious conflict of interest and inappropriate nature of such an organization both campaigning for federal candidates and receiving tax dollars. That will never happen, for if there was intellectual honesty or a sense of decency among them, they would be less likely to be pro-abort Democrats. Oh, I forgot, even though Planned Infanticide makes a profit from killing babies, they are considered a “non-profit.” What a racket.

“News” Organizations: Bottom of bird-cage worthy and Democrat benefactors-

Under the not-very-convincing guise of reporting news, it appears that major news organizations are free to campaign for the candidate who most closely adheres to “The Communist Manifesto” as opposed to The Constitution. Whether it be The New York Times or The Washington Post, NBC or CBS, MSNBC or CNN, an observer would have to be blissfully ignorant or willingly obtuse not to see the steep leftward slant present in the “reporting.”

I know that Barack Obama has been such an unprecedented disaster (are we convinced that our destruction wasn’t the goal of his formative handlers?) that the fore-mentioned sometimes have no choice but to report his failings. I suppose the editors must have to subject themselves to serious self-flagellation every time they are forced to actually report the facts about their candidate. Not to worry, though drooling leftist, I am certain the next few months will be filled with “free” campaign advertising in the form of “news” reports and hard-hitting exposes on behalf of the composite (Marxist, Woman, Black, Gay, Hispanic, Catholic, Jewish, War Hero, Transgender, white, Partridge in a Pear Tree) president.

I can almost hear the gnashing of teeth and pained leftist cries of , “Fox News! Faux News!” To which I say, “What is your point?” I don’t watch it anymore, myself. I must say that any cable network which airs Bill O’Reilly, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Karl Rove, and “The Five” wouldn’t seem to qualify as right-wing.

Labor Unions: Outdated, Obstacles to production, and Democrat benefactors-

Perhaps labor unions served a legitimate function, a long, long time ago (but not in a galaxy far,far away). Today this is not the case. The tendency of bloated bureaucracies to go overboard and then some can be clearly seen in the glut of ridiculous labor laws that have threatened to drown manufacturing and other business ventures in our nation. There are so many barrier-to-productivity (no, I am not referring to calculations made by cherry-picking numbers to use as input) laws and regulations that it would be ridiculous to argue that unions are needed to “protect” the worker.

Maybe it is the elimination of their original purpose, that enables the union leadership to focus its attention and the resources taken from the workers on building and maintaining political power.  The hypocrite “one-percenters” who run the largest unions enjoy immense influence and a high-rolling lifestyle at the expense of those they “represent.”  It must warm the heart of the hard-working, proud union (fill in the trade blank) to see the goons in purple SEIU shirts being bussed in to political rallies or beating conservatives to a pulp for daring to support liberty.

I will concede that communist idealists (who themselves live in luxury) are naturally going to support a president such as Barack Obama (or Castro or Chavez), see Andy Stern, but that does not excuse the use of union resources to harm our nation. Nor does it negate the fact that the proponents of McCain-Democrat campaign finance regulation like to pretend big labor is not a factor.

Educators: A mixed bag, largely agenda driven, Democrat benefactors-

Let’s get it out of the way:

“Why do you hate teachers?”

“You want uneducated poor children running through the streets of our cities!”

Feel better now? I don’t hate teachers. I do think that there is a leftist problem in education. I can’t blame the leftist teachers, however, for the ideas that have been driven into their minds for generations. I am almost amused by the blustering of politicians on issues of education while the same and their benefactors have degraded education. There are calls for wealth redistribution and the pouring of more treasure (code word: “investment”) into the “education system” by those who have turned the same system into a tool for political correctness and societal degradation. Can you say, “vicious cycle?”

As for the uneducated poor children running through the streets of our cities, it would appear that this already occurs. Perhaps turning the focus of public education to Bill Ayers’ idea of “social justice” and GLSEN’s homosexual is the new-normal agenda, isn’t as helpful as the enlightened leftist would care to believe.

Dishonorable mention:

Think Progress

Media Matters for America

Celebrities such as Alec Baldwin (whose best role was his self-portrayal in “Team America: World Police”)

Please, nice Democrat, exhibit some previously hidden character and refrain from any further two-faced, hypocrisy on the matter of campaign finance.

One Response to Dearest Democrats, Re: Campaign Finance

  1. Nahy says:

    Both parties seem eqaluly capable of scandal. The difference is that Republican scandals tend to be in alignment with their publicly-stated values, while Democrat scandals tend to be out of alignment with said publicly-stated values.I remember when Randy Duke Cunningham (who was my Congressman at the time) had to resign over some bribes he took from defense contractors. But Republicans are pro-business and pro-defense.How many Washington Democrats claim to support public education, but send their kids to private schools? Like, all of them. Same goes for unionized teachers in public schools they overwhelmingly tend to send their kids to private school. Democrats claim to be the defenders of women and their rights, but then Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, and John Edwards have affairs.So Democrat scandals tend to be more hypocritical.

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