Women and Victim Politics: Democrats Think You Are Stupid

Democrat dingle-berries want you women to know that they are there for you! Of course, there are a few disclaimers that should be attached in fine print at or near the bottom of their official declaration that their opposition is at war with you:

  1. We reserve the right to pivot to a different priority victim group at any time due current events real or manufactured in order to best enhance our standing with the preferred victim group of the moment.
  2. We are indeed insinuating that you are too stupid to think logically and unable to thrive without our omnipotent intervention in your daily lives.
  3. We reserve the right to demonize our political opponents and those nasty proprietors of private business (something which, with your blind support, we can drive from our land) by accusing them of the inequities that exist in our very own staffs.
  4. We do indeed believe that there is no limit to the potential beneficent intrusion of the  federal government in states, private companies, and individual lives, but we require you to believe that it will not adversely affect you as we are on your side.
  5. Any woman who does not believe that her life and livelihood depends solely on the magnanimous action of our federal government is not to be considered a real woman. (Refer to our contract with black people for evidence that we treat dissenters the same regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.)
  6. The DNC, OFA, NARAL Emily’s List, NAACP, SEIU, Planned Parenthood, FFT, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, NOW, Huffington Post, NBC, CBS, and AFSCME reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time if  polling indicates that greater electoral benefit can be attained by changing direction. This includes but is not limited to changes of 180 degrees if political gain is deemed sufficient.

So what was it today? If you were trolling Twitter and you follow the right Marxists, you might have seen the #EqualPay hashtag being pushed. It would appear, as with everything the statist does, the vaunted Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was simply an incremental step in the Communist Party USA… I mean Democrat Party’s efforts to show women that they cannot compete in the marketplace and require the gentle, helping hand of the federal government daddy to correct these wrongs. Today the feminist Democrats were all atwitter to portray a new front in the imaginary Republican War On Women: S. 3220 Paycheck Fairness Act!

At first glance one might wonder what was so great about the Lilly Ledbetter  Law if they require yet another Paycheck Fairness Act. That train of thought dissipates once common sense intrudes and one recalls the legitimate role of the federal government in this matter (hint for you who are dumb enough to support Barack Obama: the federal government has no legitimate role in wages with the exception those paid to federal employees). There had been reports indicating that the farcical “War On Women” rhetoric might be failing and that Mitt Romney was gaining among women. It would seem necessary for Alinsky’s students to create another devil for the ladies.

To a statist Democrat (and unfortunately a statist Republican), there is no limit to what he or she can use the full force of the federal government to accomplish. While we are chaining insurmountable anchors of debt around the necks of our children (at least the children who slip past the leftists sacrament of abortion), the federal government is being used as an expensive political tool. We, the subjects, should not notice this. Our masters in Washington D.C. are born with intellectual prowess and god-like compassion that we cannot fully comprehend. Still common sense sometimes slips through the cracks.

Please do not dare think that Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi are two-faced, hypocrites, ridiculous, or any other accurate descriptor just because she prefers a double-standard:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday condemned companies that pay women less than men, but was unwilling to condemn Senate Democrats who pay their female staffers less than male staffers, saying that the Senate is “another world.”

Do not dare to presume that Barack Hussein Obama, first woman President of the United States (when pandering to women as the current target victim group, that is) would fall into the category of typical hypocrite statist POS simply based on the fact that he doesn’t practice what he preaches (he may practice what Rev. Wright preaches). From the Blaze:

According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).

The Democrat demagogues did not muster enough votes for cloture, so we have a reprieve. The trolls (perhaps literally in the case of bill sponsor, Sen. Barbara Mikulski) will not give up in their war on freedom and free markets. From the troll’s press release:

“While John Adams and all the guys were in Philadelphia writing the U.S. Constitution, his wife Abigail wrote him a letter that said, ‘Do not forget the ladies or they will foment a revolution of their own.’  

“Well, they did forget the ladies. And the ladies did foment a revolution of their own. It was called the suffrage movement. It took 150 years for women to secure the right to vote.  

“And now they’ve forgotten the ladies again by not getting rid of the loopholes in the Equal Pay Act that are making it hard to end pay discrimination. But we’re not going to wait another 49 years.  

“So, I say to the women of America, let’s keep this fight going. Put on your lipstick, square your shoulders, suit up and let’s fight for this new American Revolution where women get equal pay for equal work. Let’s end wage discrimination in this century once and for all.” 

I think it is cute when a statist Democrat mentions the U.S. Constitution, a document for which they demonstrate seething hatred. I suppose that the Constitution must be more than “living and breathing” if the sorts of dung-balls these leftards toss are in any way constitutionally sound. It would have to possess an amorphous nature unlike any governing document known to man.

A thinking person might wonder about a few things regarding the federal government and its ability to mandate “Paycheck Fairness” among which might include:

  1. Will seniority, at least as it affects wages,  be outlawed under your iron-fisted control of wages in the private sector?
  2. Will, as is usual for legislation enacted by you vermin, Senate and Congressional staffs be exempt from “Paycheck Fairness?”
  3. How will the appropriate government agency (that phrase is funny by itself) determine what constitutes “equal work?”
  4. Will there be a separate, perhaps a cabinet-level, agency formed to enforce this “fairness?” If so, will it be named The Department of Wage Control?
  5. Will quality of work and antiquated notions of productivity and individual achievement be allowed a role in employee evaluation if the employer can provide, in triplicate, adequate documentation that it will have no impact on pay raises?

Do not attempt to be a thinking person, lest you risk ticking off a Democrat political operative. Your ignorance or, at the very least, apathy are required if victim politics are to be effective.

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