Ignore Your Candidate’s Flip-Flops

Happy Independence Day! That seems to be harder to proclaim as each year passes and our electorate sinks deeper into the abyss of dependence. Perhaps we are celebrating a good run, now irretrievably gone.

Independence Day isn’t the subject of this post, however. I follow some proggie dingbats on Twitter (some of which are Obama campaign staff) and I couldn’t help but notice how they are on the attack over Mitt Romney’s shifting positions on Obamatax and its associated mandate. In the interest of honesty, I should point out that I am sympathetic with their position to a degree. The premise that Mitt Romney and his ardent supporters are flopping and flipping  (and flailing) like John Heinz-Kerry’s Rhode Island docked (for tax-avoidance purposes) yacht caught in a violent storm out at sea, seems to be sadly and sickeningly accurate. The Obamorons are all a-Twitter… but something is missing.


Stephanie Cutter@stefcutter  (Deputy campaign Manager for Obama 2012)

In CBS interv, Romney says federal mandate is a tax, but his state mandate isn’t? Contradicting himself once again. http://usat.ly/3PoD2S

Ben LaDolt (Press Secretary, Obama for America (oxymoron?))

From the grotesque Stink Progress


Top Romney adviser, 7/2: Mandate is “not a tax.” Romney 7/4: Mandate “is a tax.” http://thkpr.gs/M6mZBQ

Let us not forget one of the many campaign arms of Obama 2012 that masquerade, but not convincingly, as media outlets:

A politician contradicts his former statements? What kind of sick-minded freaks are these Republicans? The electorate must be informed… no, warned of the dangers inherent in the election of one who might contradict a previously held position! Again, I agree that the contradictions are good to note, but one might get the impression that the socialized medicine contradictions are only on the Republican side of the Presidential Ballot.

Have we all forgotten the 2008 primary season? I suffered through some of the Democrat debates and seem to recall one fledgling, large-eared, dictator aspirant taking issue with Hillary Clinton’s individual mandate. That must mean I’m a racist. I must not be the only racist, however, because there is evidence on the internet to back up the memory.

From Politifact.com:

In the final days before the Pennsylvania primary, the two Democratic candidates went after each other on health care.

“Hillary Clinton’s attacking, but what’s she not telling you about her health care plan?” the narrator in a Barack Obama campaign ad asks. “It forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it, and you pay a penalty if you don’t.”

Text on the screen shows a news story with the highlighted words, “willing to have workers’ wages garnished if they refuse to buy health insurance.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to run for office. Politicians lie. Politicians change their stripes in order to fit the moment. Do not pretend, those of you who are still dumb enough or deranged enough to support Barack Obama, that he is anything other than a flip-flopping politician. If you insist that he is more, please base those claims in reality. If you want to claim that he is a dangerous product of communist indoctrination, that is acceptable. If you want to claim he wouldn’t know what it is like to hold a private sector job, you have a point. If you would like to point out that he is among the worst practitioners of “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrites who hob-nobs with celebrities and multi-millionaire 1 percenters, no one could argue.

Both candidates are bad on the issue of socialized medicine. Barack Obama appears to be worse as he has done so much to impose his will on the entire nation. The idea of him as a President with no electoral consequences is indeed terrifying. I will vote for Romney, the lesser of two evils, for this reason.

Let us not pretend our candidates are more than they are. Yes, that goes for you progtard Democrats, too.

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