Why don’t they just make murder illegal?

The sad, sad state of modern society and the state of our nation are brought into focus when something like the Aurora theater shootings happens. How did we get to a point where one of the first reactions to such an awful act is an attempt to use it for political gain (candidate or agenda)? If you are looking for the answer, I don’t have it. I do wonder, though. I’m sure we all have heard of ABCNews’ Brian Ross and his “mistake” of finding someone in Aurora associated with or interested in the Tea Party, who happens to share the name of the freakish murderer. Ross did his best Dan Rather and planted the seed that the Tea Party is responsible to blossom in the minds of those who do not pay close attention. A later apology cannot undo the damage Ross, likely intentionally, brought.

As predictable as the attempts such as Ross and others like him in the leftist scumbag propaganda agencies (or media) to blame the Republicans, NRA, conservatives, and Tea Party for the evil acts of this animal, was the idiotic calls of “progressives” for stronger gun control. I know Mayor Ballerina Dead Fish said to never let a crisis go to waste, but they don’t have to respond so quickly. I wonder how many of the usual “progressive” voices and celebrity useful idiots view this massacre as a gift to be opened immediately, with the fervor of a child on Christmas Morning.

From New York Nanny Mike “No Soda For You!” Bloomberg to CNN foreign fruitcake Piers Morgan to former television comedian D.L. Hughley, the voices for gun control were immediately heard.

So, I have the following question the enlightened entertainers and big government “progressives”:


Wouldn’t that cover it? If not, why? Murder must not already be illegal, at least in your superior minds, otherwise the horrific events such as occurred in Aurora could not happen. Am I being stupid? Of course, murder is already illegal… so do you brilliant proggies see the point? If, by your very unassailable logic, gun control laws will prevent law-breakers from breaking the law, why don’t laws against murder perform the same function.

Someone please explain what appears to be such a ridiculous and obvious logical disconnect to me. While we wait for the explanation, let’s look at what  the powerful (yet with insatiable appetites for more power) gun grabbers have in mind. New York City Mr. Mom Mayor tweeted:

@MikeBloomberg: It’s time for the presidential candidates to step up & tell us what they’ll do about guns in America

How about an amendment to repeal the second amendment, Mikey? No good, as it would require the amendment approval and passage process? You statist bastards don’t have time for such details, do you? Of course, the chief salt intake overseer of NYC knows he has a comrade in disarming the innocent in President Obama. Red State had a piece called “Obama’s Gun Obfuscation” in 2008, which gives a quick summary of Obama’s long history of hatred for citizens being able to protect themselves.

Anyone who is not a somnambulist Obama drone or completely disconnected can see that the Attorney General of the U.S. is a friend to those who would make it easier for brutal murderers to act on their evil urges. From BigGovernment at Breitbart.com:

Eric Holder on Brainwashing People

Libs feign umbrage over “conspiracy theories” posited by reasonable people who listen to the words of  these powerful people in our government and witness their actions. What motivates these libs? Do they seek the power of their favored candidates over the citizens they deem too stupid to enjoy liberty? Do they believe that, by being vocally in favor of lib policy, they will be free of the very constraints they seek to impose on the rest of the population? I have no doubt that there are plenty of people legitimately dumb enough to believe that tighter gun laws would prevent such violent massacres, as is evidenced by the nearly 50% in most polls who hold a favorable opinion of Obama.

On a somewhat related note, we shouldn’t overlook the impending UN small arms treaty, which apparently has the potential to be approved by our feckless Senate. Illinois’ own Senator Mark Kirk is one of the “Republicans” who appears to be a potential vote for this travesty. Let us contact our Senators and plea for common sense (yes, despite the fact that we in Illinois have two liberal Senators, we should still try).

One Response to Why don’t they just make murder illegal?

  1. Connie Plummer says:

    I stumbled across your website when I was googling “why are democratic women so stupid”. I love it! I am hooked. Keep your thoughts streaming…I will be spreading the word.

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