In Support of Gay Marriage

I am not a psychologist, a relationship expert, or any other third thing that might lend authority to my opinions regarding marriage. That said, I do believe that marriage is a critical element of society and a vital base for the family. It seems that there is conflict and confusion regarding marriage on the left side of the political spectrum. Some on the left indicate that marriage is not important and such “traditional” activities are symbols of sexist oppression or simply an antiquated ritual that has little importance in enlightened society. Others on the left seem to place a great deal of importance on a concept of marriage, providing it can be molded to suit their particular purposes. My stance might surprise some, but I do think the subject deserves commentary.

I know it is not chic to believe that a natural family is the ideal for child-rearing. I know that science is held up as a weapon to ridicule those of faith… as long as the “science” is narrow enough in its scope to support the desired outcome of the liberal. This is not about science, but I am curious about the science of human reproduction and natural selection. It seems that propagation of the species could not naturally occur without relations between male and female members, but again, this is about marriage, not science.

There are people, I am sure, who live long, fulfilled lives without marriage or romantic relationships. I am not writing this to claim that one size fits all. (It is really too bad that such disclaimers have to be added, but that is where we are in our society.)

Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Faith (again with the disclaimer: I am Catholic, I am not an expert on faith, so if marriage is or is not a sacrament in your faith, I have no idea). Regardless of religion, I am certain that marriage is universally understood to be a vital part of the family and societal foundation. The foundations of society and of the family are, of course, subject to twisting and distortion to meet the needs of some agendas, but let’s  try to remain focused.

A merry, bright, joyful marriage is a blessing to those who are fortunate enough to have found their soul-mates. Two people who are in love and are able to cooperate in nearly every facet of their lives, would seem to present the ideal situation for the rearing of children. While there are no guarantees and life is, of course, messy, it is hard to imagine a convincing argument being made against the natural ideal.

I do support gay marriage and have to admit that, generally speaking, I am in one. I do not think it can be legislated and I believe those who believe it can are ridiculously foolish. Despite the fact that gay marriage should not be the subject of legislation or judicial activism, I do wish that every man and woman who marry could enjoy a gay (merry, lively, joyful) marriage!

A gay marriage is a truly wonderful thing. Isn’t it unfortunate that some are trying to redefine marriage and force their personal agendas on others? Imagine having a business and getting sued because two men want to have a “wedding” reception and you say no. Imagine being the president of a fast food chain and having the powerful liberal detriments to society call for a boycott of your chain simply because you believe in marriage. imagine the same chain being bullied by fascist liberal pig politicians in places such as Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.  Can you imagine what society will have become if something like that were to happen?

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