In Honor of Our President on NECD 2012

September 3, 2012

National Empty Chair Day 2012I cannot imagine a more appropriate way to recognize our glorious leader than to have National Empty Chair Day! I was fortunate to have inherited a pile of junk that was once part of the local bowling alley when I bought my house. Who knew that the pile would contain a fitting tribute to our very own Dear Reader?

I hope our nation has not descended to such unfathomable depths of depravity, jealousy, and ignorance that on November 6, 2012 Mitt Romney cannot receive enough votes to overcome the fraudulent votes and 5,000 attorneys employed by the Obama Campaign to assure our damnation. (Remember the word’s of Obama’s “spiritual guide,” Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who so eloquently spewed: “Not God bless America! Naw! Naw! Naw! God damn America! That’s in The Bible!”)

If we can overcome the deceptive¬† and unethical practices employed by Democrat operatives this November, I suggest we continue this remembrance every year. Let the other president’s have President’s Day but reserve National Empty Chair Day for President Barack “Born Alive, Let Them Die” Obama. We will need a reminder of what is perhaps the worst mistake such a large portion of the electorate has ever made. The images need to remain fresh in our minds such that we do not sentence our children to repeat this sort of disaster.