When will Catholics get the message? Never.

February 11, 2012

King Hussein (Barack Hussein Obama) had the support of Catholics in the 2008 election. Not that all of us supported him, of course, but apparently a majority of voting Catholics are ridiculously liberal in contrast with their supposed faith or simply don’t pay attention when voting. I can understand there being something of a struggle when voting for president, given the fact that neither party had a good choice for its nominee. That said, it is amazing that so many of the faithful would vote for the man who affirmatively argued against protecting the babies who were born alive following an attempted abortion (Yes, it is true, drones: http://www.jillstanek.com/archives/2008/02/links_to_barack.html). This could be largely due to King Hussein’s support from the very largest of SuperPAC’s: the press.

I have no confidence that most of those who voted for the would-be dictator last time would vote for the less evil alternative this time, but it does make for good headlines to pretend. You see, now Catholics, at least those who decided to align with the aspiring despot, are said to be upset with the logical and obvious outcome of their decision!

The preceding was written before our benevolent dictator’s grand “compromise” on the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Personhood and the Trojan War

January 29, 2012

If I am a person, I must be a threat to Planned Parenthood's profits.

There is a serious threat to the Trojans! Not to mention the Durexes, Lifestyles, and the rest of the products available at condomman.com! What can it be, that could wipe out not only the condom market, but the entire birth control industry in one fell swoop? What has the power to exert such a forceful blow to the business of pregnancy prevention? Is it a pending natural disaster? Could it be that all the water supplies on Earth will be contaminated with Salt Peter?

What weapon has the capacity to destroy the birth control pill factories and alter the sexual behavior of human beings? It is the most dastardly, the most heinous… it is the Personhood Initiative! Aarghhh! Run for your (sex) lives!

Who knew the sweeping ramifications of legally recognizing the unborn as persons? If personhood movements are successful, one might never again be able to legally practice “common forms of birth control.” Ridiculous, you say? Not if you are the ” advocacy / political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America” and you grasp for straws against any measure that may threaten your lucrative abortion mill bonanza! Read the rest of this entry »

TODAY! Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day – Jill Stanek

January 22, 2012

TODAY! Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day – Jill Stanek.

Today marks the 39th anniversary of the devastating Supreme Court over-reach “Roe v. Wade.” Activist judges decided that no state can protect the lives of the innocent… and the dregs of society rejoiced.

Today, the slaughter of the innocent is big business, subsidized by the taxpayer. Planned Parenthood profits from killing babies while receiving our tax dollars.

Organizations such as NARAL, Emily’s List, and NOW exist to ensure that the slaughter continues unabated. They support pro-abortion Democrats and would have a woman believe that the child growing in her womb is only a baby if she wants him or her… otherwise it is a tumor or a parasite.

The celebrants of slaughter take to the internet today with the Twitter hashtag, #tweet4choice to promote this heinous procedure and celebrate this calamitous decision. Those who respect innocent life can use the hashtag to express pro-life sentiments and give voice to those innocent victims.

Thank you, Jill Stanek, for organizing this answer to the culture of death.