Why don’t they just make murder illegal?

July 21, 2012

The sad, sad state of modern society and the state of our nation are brought into focus when something like the Aurora theater shootings happens. How did we get to a point where one of the first reactions to such an awful act is an attempt to use it for political gain (candidate or agenda)? If you are looking for the answer, I don’t have it. I do wonder, though. I’m sure we all have heard of ABCNews’ Brian Ross and his “mistake” of finding someone in Aurora associated with or interested in the Tea Party, who happens to share the name of the freakish murderer. Ross did his best Dan Rather and planted the seed that the Tea Party is responsible to blossom in the minds of those who do not pay close attention. A later apology cannot undo the damage Ross, likely intentionally, brought.

As predictable as the attempts such as Ross and others like him in the leftist scumbag propaganda agencies (or media) to blame the Republicans, NRA, conservatives, and Tea Party for the evil acts of this animal, was the idiotic calls of “progressives” for stronger gun control. I know Mayor Ballerina Dead Fish said to never let a crisis go to waste, but they don’t have to respond so quickly. I wonder how many of the usual “progressive” voices and celebrity useful idiots view this massacre as a gift to be opened immediately, with the fervor of a child on Christmas Morning. Read the rest of this entry »