Pot Heads and Hypocrites for Gary Johnson

October 12, 2012

Notice the sweet Che shirt…. Duuuude!

Like…. Gary Johnson is the man, ya know? I mean he … he gets what really … like matters. Ahhhh- Haaaa-Haaaa. We need to stand up for rights, man… else the man will lock us all up, ya know? All our country’s problems would be… like “Up In Smoke” aaaaaah, aaaaah, get it? If we could just get Gary in … the election, ya know? Man, am I the only one who is like… hungry?

Ah, Libertarians, champions of societal drain and degradation. Gary Johnson is taking his shot at election spoiler and keeping the hopes of pot heads … high.Pot heads want to come “out of the shadows” (perhaps the same shadows as the illegal aliens?) and be able to engage in legal commerce with the dealer of their choice. It is freedom, man. Oh, and we need to legalize it so we can tax and regulate it!

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In Support of Gay Marriage

July 28, 2012

I am not a psychologist, a relationship expert, or any other third thing that might lend authority to my opinions regarding marriage. That said, I do believe that marriage is a critical element of society and a vital base for the family. It seems that there is conflict and confusion regarding marriage on the left side of the political spectrum. Some on the left indicate that marriage is not important and such “traditional” activities are symbols of sexist oppression or simply an antiquated ritual that has little importance in enlightened society. Others on the left seem to place a great deal of importance on a concept of marriage, providing it can be molded to suit their particular purposes. My stance might surprise some, but I do think the subject deserves commentary.

I know it is not chic to believe that a natural family is the ideal for child-rearing. I know that science is held up as a weapon to ridicule those of faith… as long as the “science” is narrow enough in its scope to support the desired outcome of the liberal. This is not about science, but I am curious about the science of human reproduction and natural selection. It seems that propagation of the species could not naturally occur without relations between male and female members, but again, this is about marriage, not science.

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