Why Societal Squalor?

December 30, 2011

The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition defines squalor as follows:

“n: the quality or state of being squalid”

Squalid is defined:

“adj 1: filthy or degraded through neglect or poverty 2: SORDID, DEBASED <a~political ploy> – Synonyms: NASTY, FOUL, DIRTY, GRUBBY”

It seems that all definitions and synonyms apply to our society. The average citizen is guilty of neglect. The level of neglect is nurtured and cultivated by so many entities, it may be impossible to recover. Those who profit from encouraging this neglect are evil or ignorant (or some combination).

The squalor is like a snowball on a slope toward hell. It grows as it rolls. We find ourselves enjoying the intoxicant-like effects of the growing squalor while we move farther away from our societal moorings. Politicians, entertainers, educators, and attorneys are perhaps the most guilty facilitators of the squalor. The only question regarding the motives of these groups is whether or not the individual members realize the effects of their actions.

This blog will discuss symptoms of the squalor and will not spare those responsible, regardless of political affiliation or supposed noble intentions.